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The Brain: The Nervous System

Lobes of The Brain

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Lobes of The Brain
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   As we discussed before the brain is divded in to two hemispheres however these two hemispheres are divided into 4 lobes by sulci and gyri. The sulci are the groves of the brain , whereas the gyri are the bumps on the surface of the brain. The 4 lobes that the suci and gyri create are the : frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, and the occipital lobe. These four parts of the brain are located in different regions of the brain, and all serve very different functions. 

Frontal Lobe:The frontal lobe is located in the front of the braina. This particuliar lobe is responsible forreasoning, planning of speach and movement , emotions, and problem solving.

Occipital Lobe: The occipital lobe is located at the back of the brain, behind the parietal lobe and temporal lobe. This part of the brain  deals with the many aspects of vision.

Parietal Lobe: The parietal lobe is located more towards the middle of the brain. This brain of the brain is responsible for perception of stimuli related to touch, pressure, temperature and pain.

Temporal Lobe: The temporal lobe is located at the bottom of the brain. This part of the brain deals with the perception and recognition of hearing and memory.


Figue 3. The 4 lobes of the brain. The frontal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, and the temporal lobe.

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