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The Brain: The Nervous System

Brain Facts

Brain Facts
Neuron Structure
Neuron Quiz
Cerebral Hemispheres
Lobes of The Brain
Lobes of The Brain Quiz
The Autonomic Nervous System
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   We homosapians have a unique intellect, and reasoning abilities, which differentiate us from all other mamals.The brain reaches its full size in adolecence, however by age 20 the brain begins shrinking. The male brain happens to shrink a lot faster than the female one, which results in men being more suseptible to memory loss. The brain in itself weighs about 3 pounds, and is about 2 % of our body weight. In it, contains about 100 billion neurons and each second is recieving about 100 million pieces of information. This information is coming from just about every where, which includes the ears, eyes, nose, your tongue and the touch receptors located in your skin.
   The brain is a very delicate, yet imperative part of the body that appears mushy and grey. Just like the rest of the human body that needs blood to function. If there happens to be a blood loss supply to the brain for 8-10 seconds, the brain will stop functioning. At this point, what will occur is that a person will become unconscious. However, these are just the basic facts of the brain, as it is a very complex structure.

Figure 1. The Human  Brain

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